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Star Wars – New Piece!

February 14, 2016

Hi, Dan Avenell here again, and a new piece inspired by the Star Wars new movie – which I didn’t care for , sadly- it’s still just the Original Trilogy for me thanks. So in the first of three, here’s Star Wars (I don’t call it A New Hope). You can buy it as ever at and here’s a direct link   xxxxxxxx

I’m also going to add a few of my older pieces if this is your first time here, and the link where they can be bought at a very reasonable price, in either Art Print or Mounted Canvas format, right up to giant-size AO.

link to buy:

Some classics: Breakfast Of Champions by Dan Avenell

link to buy


Oddball Says by Dan Avenell


Link to buy:


The Tarantinoverse by Dan Avenell

the tarantinoverse-the-movies-of-quentin-tarantino-dan-avenell

Some close-ups

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Link to buy:


Stan Lee’s Super-Supper! by Dan Avenell


Link to Buy:


Guardians In A Galaxy Far, Far Away by Dan Avenell


Link to buy:


Afterhours by Dan Avenell


link to buy:


The Joker Says by Dan Avenell


link to buy:

That’s all for now!



Next – The Empire Strikes Back

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