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Have You Heard About Harry Deansway & The Fix???

June 22, 2011

Well, to be honest if that headline means nothing to you, the following is going to be pretty dull. But write this post I must – read it you need not.

In 2010 I was employed to work on The Fix magazine. After debts from not being paid of over £2000 mounted up (and it was long hours for little cash anyway), I was forced to take The Fix to court. I won, and The Fix Media Ltd was ordered to pay me what they owed me… £2427. I even offered that they could just pay me half of that if it was done speedily.

harry Deansway court action

Justice! Or was it?

But Fix Media Ltd Director/Fix Editor Harry Deansway (real name Josh Rinkoff) simply ‘ceased trading’ under that company name and now profits from anything Fix related (website, comedy shows/tours) with my debts no longer legally recoverable. You’ve probably seen this sort of thing on Watchdog, or if you’re older, That’s Life.

Legally my options remain limited. That is, indeed, life. Warning everyone of the perils of doing business with the man shall have to suffice.


On a completely irrelevant note, I see that using the word ‘tits’ on my last post has caused traffic to increase tremendously. To this end, I would just like to say ass, butt, teens, milfs, dogging, two girls one cup, swallowing, squirting, spitting and swallowing. Thank you.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 12, 2012 2:35 pm

    I am just commenting to post a similar experience about Harry Deansway ? Josh Rinkoff (and you are not alone)

    Harry/ Josh employed me to do some work for him in exchange for Advertising space in his Fix Magazine. I did the work (and then some) for free. And then when the magazine came out, the agreed advertising spaces were not there, in response he just said “Ah, yeah, I just didn’t bother putting the adverts in the magazine”.

    Such barefaced cheek and abuse is the worst since I’ve experienced since starting to work in Comedy.

    I’ve learnt since that I’m in a long list of unpaid acts, unpaid web site creators, unpaid writers that Harry / Josh has left in his wake.

    A totally nasty man with a total disregard for people who he thinks he can get away with treating poorly (though he’s very good at romancing those people that he can see can benefit his career)

    Sorry to hear of your trails, just know you are not alone in being scammed by this man.


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